What are Life Cells?

What are Life cells?

Here in Barking Elim we are not content just to grow bigger, we also want to grow closer.  We don’t want to be a sea of strangers that gather on a Sunday but a community of friends and family who support and care for one another throughout the week. 

This is where our life cells come in.  Through being involved in life cells you will strengthen your faith and build strong faith-filled friendships.  You will have an opportunity to move beyond the small talk of Sundays, to talk meaningfully about life and faith, to share more openly, to laugh and have fun and to pray together, all within a safe group of friends.

So what are they?

Life cells are small groups of people that meet regularly in different locations and at different times around the borough and beyond.  They discuss different topics and scriptures, pray together, support one another and have fun together. 

To find out what life cells there are at Barking Elim click here.

Who are they for?

They are for every person committed to Barking Elim.   Our life cells are a vital part of our church’s vision, they are essential to us becoming the community we want to be.  So no matter what your age, gender or marital status, if you are committed to Barking Elim then the life cells are for you. 

How do I sign up? 

Take a look at our "which cell?" page, see what cells there are and which ones you could commit to, then register your interest by submitting our online form (it will take 30 seconds).  Once you register your interest, you will be contacted by the church with the next step.  It isn't complicated or difficult to connect to a cell and it really is worth it!